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Furthermore, placing the Protocol’s objective into perspective regarding similar efforts taking place under other agreements, including e.g. the successful implementation of ECE MEAs or the UNEP chemicals and wastes agreements, hints to the importance of coordinating efforts and to mutually support promoting the use of the existing international agreements in the context of the SDGs; At national level for instance, improved cooperation between focal points to different processes may help create a critical mass of e.g. chemicals management related activities that may facilitate gaining the political support to make PRTRs fit for the purpose of supporting implementation of SDGs in a direct and cost-effective way.

[Linking and sharing information about relevant tools among peers at national level, including among those who are active in the dealings under UNECE, UNEP, the Human Rights Council, but also including others such as those linked to the activities of economic institutions, will be key to successful implementation of the SDGs and the use of PRTR as a tool fostering synergies and rendering efforts of good governance more effective.]